Equity is a body of law developed by English Courts of Chancery as a way of granting relief where the strict rule of the common law was seen as too harsh.
The Supreme Court of New South Wales has a specific equity division dealing with equity cases, though many other courts in Australia also have jurisdiction to apply equity’s rules when resolving disputes, usually commercial ones.
Nowadays many statutory claims are also the province of equity including company law, many commercial matters and building and construction claims.
Barristers on Fourth Floor Selborne Chambers regularly advise and appear in many matters involving questions of equity ranging from contested applications in probate through to commercial matters in the Corporations List and the Technology & Construction List.
Whether the dispute concerns property law or a winding up of a company, to name but a few types of equity matters, our barristers can assist to:

• Provide advice as to prospects of success and procedural aspects of any claim or defence
• Draft or settle any necessary court documents and correspondence to help resolve a matter
• Represent clients in court and in alternative dispute forums
• Help clients navigate their way through a dispute to achieve cost effective outcomes
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