Estate/ Family Provision

Fourth Floor Selborne Chambers has several barristers who specialise in the law of wills, probate and estates.
Estate litigation requires extensive knowledge of the law of probate and estate administration; this includes the complex modern statutory rules and the principles of equity. Property law, corporations law and general business law often overlap in estate cases depending on the nature of property held by a deceased person. It is important therefore to brief someone who can competently anticipate and manage the different issues which might crop up.
Whether the dispute concerns a family provision claim, the interpretation of a will or testamentary capacity, our barristers can assist to:

• Advise on the strength of a case and the legal implications of any unique factual circumstances
• Draft or settle court documents necessary to best present a client’s case
• Represent clients in court and at mediations
• Help clients navigate their way through a dispute to achieve cost effective outcomes
Please call Natacha Ryan on (02) 9236 4901 for assistance in finding a barrister with suitable expertise for your matter.